February Pastel Workshops

Everyone, even the very very beginners, did exceptionally well, and several framed their pieces to take home to family. [...]

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Anticipation, July 6, 2010

Many of you, as well as me, are sometimes frustrated by seeing a great scene, perfect lighting....only to be whizzing by at 70 mph with no where to stop. [...]

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Chicago Blackhawks and the Wells Street Art Festival

Chicago Blackhawks Logo

I've just returned from my trip to Chicago for the 36th Annual Wells Street Art Festival.  Being a native of Chicago and the suburbs, my husband, Jeff (www.leedyart.com) and I arrived a day early to see the town. The weather was hot and humid on Friday, June 11, as we walked down The Miracle Mile toward the Chicago River at Wacker Drive.  I wanted to go to LensCrafters on the other side of the bridge.  As we walked I noticed a nice red t-shirt with an Indian on it.  Then another, and another.  Before long we heard the roar of a large [...]

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